Mathematics is the primary language of science, which makes it essential for understanding through a biblical lens to better reveal God’s calculated creation. 数学系 equips students with both a conceptual and quantitative understanding that will enable them to thrive in their chosen vocation and flourish in an increasingly number-driven society.

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Our department prepares students for service in God's Kingdom through rigorous study of the many branches of mathematics, including calculus, differential equations, linear and abstract algebra, real analysis, probability, and geometry. 我们挑战学生 to relate course content to their faith to understand how our convictions inform our 对数学的认知和实践.

We emphasize communication and community by encouraging students to work together as peers in presentations and writing assignments; this ensures our students develop the ability to communicate about math both in spoken and written form. Additionally, we serve students in scientific fields such as pre-engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology by providing them with a thorough understanding of foundational concepts.

数学专业的学生也很抢手! The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of mathematicians and statisticians will grow 31% from 2021 to 2031. Lastly, they are well-paid for their skills—the median wage for mathematicians as of May 2021 was $108,100.


There are various jobs that require a strong background in math, such as data scientist/analyst, actuary, financial or investment banking analyst, operations researcher, software engineer, statistician, and accountant, to name a few. 还有政府机构, such as the NSA, that look specifically for math majors, and several math department graduates have acquired internships with national laboratories.

Our graduates have entered positions such as:

  • 比勒分析师贝克·多纳森
  • 数字营销,Crash Creative
  • 普华永道会计师事务所
  • Rate Development Analyst, America Financial and Automotive Services
  • Math Teacher, Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy
  • 查塔努加基督教学校数学老师
  • Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, East Hall High School
I love the mentoring relationship I get to have with the math majors. I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level, and it is extremely gratifying to help them grow and develop into mature and thoughtful Christian mathematicians.
Chris Cyr


Programs & Features

Math majors are given a solid grounding in the discipline of mathematics as well as a greater appreciation for logic and precise language. 在我们的主要计划中,我们寻求 to prepare students for graduate school, technical jobs, or teaching in secondary school.


Students who wish to minor in math will obtain many skills that equip them for a wide 其他领域的各种职位.


Students who are interested in teaching math should major in mathematics and then enroll in the one-year Master of Arts in Teaching at 约大学. 这是推荐的 that students also complete the Education Minor.


  • MAT 258微分方程 
  • STA 253决策统计
  • 离散数学
  • MAT 360欧几里得 & 非欧几里得的几何学
  • MAT 470拓扑 
  • MAT 490 Philosophy and Faith Perspectives on Mathematics

  • “The Fourth Dimension and Geometric Models of the Universe”
  • “Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems, History, Exposition, & Ramifications”
  • “Teaching Problem Solving: A Continuous Integration”
  • “Mathematical Anxiety: Instructional Strategies to Prevent and Counteract It within the Classroom”
  • “The Importance of Teaching Conceptual Mathematics in Elementary School: Impacts on 《菠菜担保网官方平台》


Students at Covenant have access to a fully-staffed math center. 学生可以工作 on math homework in a focused environment, meet with tutors to work through difficult problems, and talk through challenging lessons.

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Chris Cyr

Chris Cyr 数学系副教授


谢谢你对约恩的兴趣! 填完这张表,我们就 able to connect you with the best information regarding your program of interest, 以及你的招生顾问.



Undergraduate Departments, Majors, Minors, Certificates, Concentrations, and Programs


  • 艺术管理
  • 创业
  • 环境管理 & Sustainability
  • 新闻与社会
  • 医学伦理咨询
  • Neuroscience
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


  • 艺术,二维浓度 
  • 艺术,3d浓缩 
  • 艺术,艺术史专业 
  • 艺术,平面设计专业 
  • 艺术、摄影专业 
  • Art minor
  • 辅修艺术史

Biblical & 神学研究

  • Biblical & 神学研究 
  • Biblical & 神学研究, Missions Concentration 
  • Biblical & 辅修神学研究
  • 圣经语言辅修
  • 小基督教历史
  • Missions minor
  • 青少年事工


  • 生物学、生物医学方向 
  • 生物、环境浓度 
  • 生物学、普通 
  • 生物学,卫生专业方向 
  • Biology minor


  • Business 
  • 商业、会计 
  • 商业、金融 
  • 商业、营销 
  • 体育运动管理 
  • Business minor
  • 体育管理


  • 化学、生物化学 
  • 化学,一般 
  • 生物化学小
  • Chemistry minor


  • 计算机科学 
  • 计算机科学

Economics & 社区发展

  • 社区发展 
  • Economics 
  • 社区发展辅修课程
  • Economics minor


  • 教育研究 
  • 小学教育(小学五年级) 
  • Secondary Education Certifications through MAT program 
  • Education minor


  • Natural Science, Pre-Engineering Studies Concentration


  • English 
  • 英语、写作 
  • English minor
  • Writing minor


  • Coaching minor

History, Politics, and 国际研究

  • History 
  • 历史,艺术史专业 
  • 政治科学 
  • 国际研究 
  • History minor
  • 政治学辅修


  • 跨学科研究 with Concentrations 


  • Mathematics 
  • 数学小


  • 音乐,教会音乐集中 
  • 音乐,创造性研究集中 
  • 音乐,一般音乐集中 
  • Music, Instrumental Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Music Education (Pre-MAT) Concentration 
  • 音乐,管风琴演奏集中 
  • 音乐,钢琴教学方向 
  • 音乐、钢琴演奏专业 
  • 音乐,声乐表演集中 
  • Music minor


  • Philosophy 
  • 哲学小


  • Physics 
  • Physics minor


  • 法律系的研究 
  • 我的研究 
  • Pre-Nursing研究 
  • 物理治疗前研究 


  • Psychology 
  • 心理学小


  • Sociology 
  • 社会学、家庭研究 & 社会工作方向 
  • 社会学小


  • Theatre 
  • Theatre minor


  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • French minor
  • Spanish minor